Creed, sweaty basements, and ejection from Armstrong: The Raisins another year older, a little more wrinkly

Nick Dye Music Editor The Raisins have had a hot start to their senior year, to say the least. Last weekend was the band’s opening show at the Wastement. The room was so hot and packed that some fans either couldn’t get in or couldn’t stand watching in a puddle of their own sweat. Some […]

Class of 2018 talking music and shying away from Rastall

Eboni Statham Staff Writer Last year’s first-years were pretty rockin’ when it came to the music scene. Members of the class of 2017 involved themselves in the CC music community, and the freshman band Funkdozer slayed Battle of the Bands and earned the lead spot to play at Llamapalooza eighth block. I was more than […]

Earth Pig Records: An audiophile haven

Mansour Al-Amin Guest Writer Have you ever found yourself talking to friends—or maybe even sitting alone—and all of a sudden, some brilliant idea sounds off an air horn inside your head? You might envision yourself, and maybe even a few other people, thinking that this is an awesome idea, but when the motivation escapes you, […]

Going out in a blaze of glory

Emily Lucas Staff Writer Are you a pyromaniac with a passion for party tricks? If you are, this cocktail feature is for you! If you’ve ever poured nail polish remover or really cheap vodka into the sand at the beach and lit it on fire, you know that alcohol is a highly flammable substance. It […]

Writing down the bones: A manual for the writer’s mind

Jack Benham Staff Writer Natalie Goldberg constructed Writing Down the Bones out of her failures and successes as a writer. Her writing is littered with Zen-like perceptions and common sense only acquired from years of diligent writing. Writing Down the Bones is a manual for the writer’s mind—a guide that instructs us on both how […]

Tigers take to the fields, work for their meals

Zoe Holland Staff Writer Local, organic, slow food, GMOs, Monsanto—these are all words you may hear coming out of CC students’ mouths daily. The awareness about food systems and sustainability is strong on campus in discourse, but what about in practice? Walk a little bit off Uintah into the backyard of the President’s house and […]

Twisted steel and Tesla murals in C Springs

Ruby Samuels Staff Writer After a summer back home in Manhattan, I wasn’t expecting much on my search for street art in Colorado Springs. The amateur art and DIY art that surfaces in New York City is incredible, from illusionary sidewalk murals that have you stumbling away from the torn edge of a caved-in subway […]

Wes Van Briggle pottery tour returns to CC

Dana Cronin Guest Writer Ever wonder what the brick and tiled building on the northwest corner of campus is and how it got there? On Sept. 20, it will be featured in the upcoming yearly pottery tour highlighting the world-renowned pottery artist, Artus Van Briggle. The building was originally constructed as a memorial to Van […]


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