New Jazz Combo eager to take the stage and bleed some tunes


Eboni Statham Staff Writer Walking around campus earlier this month, I noticed some funky posters along the walls with the question: “Do you play Jazz Music?” Unfortunately, I don’t play jazz or anything really for that matter, but I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I was curious to see what kind of group […]

The campus’ organic bounty celebrated at Harvest Feast


Ruby Samuels Staff Writer The Harvest Banquet—its title evokes many images: A horn of plenty held by a bonnet-donning pilgrim; lush expanses of crop fields; and long tables filled with silver and elegantly dressed guests. How can such an event happen on our small campus, where the only harvesters appear to be troubled squirrels? Well, […]

Off the stage, a review of the classic ‘Summer and Smoke’

Silas Babilonia Guest Writer Theater can grasp the human experience in a way that no other art form can. Through a well-written script, we can see the unfolding of emotions before us, captured in the words and directions presented for the stage. There exists a raw intensity of scripts, insights into our very souls as […]

Tesla artistically resurrected in Cornerstone

Jonathan Wenegeime Guest Writer Nikola Tesla and his works have often been overlooked by the scientific world. Only recently has his work been more appreciated, considering his influence as a catalyst to the success of electricity flow many objects we now use in our everyday lives. Tesla was born to a Serbian family in Croatia […]

Tuesday jams with sold-out CHVRCHES show in Fort Collins

Nick Dye Staff Writer Last Tuesday, Scottish electronic band CHVRCHES played a sold out show at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins. The group has been touring for the past year since the release of their fantastic debut album: The Bones of What You Believe. The opener was another electronic artist, The Range, also touring […]

This KRCC Life: The radio station next door welcomes gurus David Sedaris, Jad Abumrad

Dana Cronin Staff Writer In the next month, KRCC is sponsoring on- and off-campus events including a talk by radio show host Jad Abumrad and by famed author and comedian David Sedaris. Abumrad will speak in Armstrong Hall on Monday, Oct. 13. Abumrad is the founder and co-host of the radio program Radiolab featured on NPR. […]

Months of sweat and gallons of coffee: Colorado College students and Andy Tirado unveil steel sculpture


Hank Weaver Guest Writer Last night I was sitting under an eight-foot tall hand. This hulking mass of metal, attached to an 11-foot forearm of crisscrossing steel, has never looked more beautiful. I gently push a pinky finger the size of my leg and watch the monster precariously swing over me. I am not scared […]

Sonterra Mexican Grill: Mouthwatering duck taquitos and heaps of guacamole

Jack Benham Staff Writer Tropical Latino music flowed from speakers I could not see. Columns of Colorado-looking rock rose to my left until they met a wooden trellis that jutted out above me. Ivy dripped down from the wood as if trying to touch me or maybe the tables. Through the ivy, I caught glimpses […]


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