Cutthroat Rugby’s Sophie Redpath: Fierce, Fearless, Fun

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What the Lack of Updates to Chairlift Standards Will Mean for Upcoming Ski Season

10 Questions with Matt Edwards

Building Creativity: Colorado College Innovation Space Nears Opening

Lapses in Communication Limit Student Group Funding

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Inconsistent Politics Spanning Professional Sports Freedom of Speech in the NFL

While Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA, and Lisa Borders, President of the WNBA, are in full support of their athletes taking political stances and… Read More

What the Lack of Updates to Chairlift Standards Will Mean for Upcoming Ski Season

During the last winter ski season, a Texas tourist named Kelly Huber fell from a chairlift at Ski Granby Resort with her two daughters and… Read More

A Likeminded Community: Transfer Students Transition to CC

This academic year, 31 transfer students were welcomed into the Colorado College community. I was lucky enough to be in a Block 1 class with… Read More

New Title IX: Colorado College Won’t Go Back

Title IX is a policy that protects students from gender based discrimination that interferes with their academic experience. It originally was implemented in 1972, starting… Read More

Building Creativity: Colorado College Innovation Space Nears Opening

By JACK BILBROUGH The Innovation Center, an academic office at Colorado College, has entered exciting times with the imminent opening of their new Innovation Space. Designed… Read More

Lapses in Communication Limit Student Group Funding

Two student groups face restricted semester schedules due to limited or no funding. Both Sounds of Colorado College (SOCC) and the CC Refugee Alliance face… Read More


The Ceramic History of the Van Briggle Pottery Building

I have crossed the bridge over Monument Creek many times, often on a hunger-fueled trip to 7/11; however, I had never taken the time to… Read More

Keeping My Ear to the Grindstone: Wiki’s No Mountains in Manhattan

When Patrick Morales—better known as Wiki—takes the stage at his August 2017 Boiler Room set, he has a wild look in his eyes. On the… Read More

The Intimate Ambiance of Old Colorado City’s TAPAteria

With The Preserve temporarily closed, most students are limited to buffet-style Rastall, Benji's grill, or the various grab-and-go items at Colorado Coffee, the library, or… Read More

“Rio” Helps Bring Recognition to Famous Colorado College Alum

The addition of the new East Campus apartments is an exciting development to the campus that students eagerly awaited for the past year. While the… Read More


Conversations by Candlelight: A Monologue on New England Patriotism

By SAM MATHAI Last week, I took a swing at some low hanging fruit. First-years are inherently easy targets. How could I find something easier… Read More

World-Class Babysitters and Running with Capybaras: Q&A with Cross Country Runner David Eik

Interview by BEN HALL David Eik is a Junior runner for the CC Men’s Cross Country team who shined this past weekend at the Tiger’s… Read More

Active Life

Seven Ways to Stay Active on the Block Plan

By COURTNEY KNERR One of the reasons I chose to attend Colorado College was the healthy lifestyle it promotes. The gorgeous mountains visible from everywhere… Read More

Thirsty for Alpine Lakes? Make the Drive for a Dive

Landlocked. What an eerie word to someone who comes from a coastal state (with the exception of hurricane season). Even Minnesotans, from “The Land of… Read More

Forest Fires: A Hot Topic in the U.S.

Here in Colorado, perhaps you’ve noticed the hazy quality of the air, the strange orange color of the sun, or the rare inability to see… Read More

Developments in Environmental Policy Under the Trump Administration

Donald J. Trump has been in office for 231 days. These days have been filled with Twitter fights, awkward handshakes, failed bills, and 43 executive… Read More