Veganism: Beyond the plate

Jackson Foster Staff Writer Most of the fad diets out there—such as the Paleo Diet, The Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and so on—are just that: diets. When you adopt one of the above programs, which I do not recommend, you simply have to change what is allowed to enter your mouth, and […]

Ebola in the US and abroad: Out of sight, out of mind

Rebecca Glazer Guest Writer If you’ve kept up with the news or even with social media in the past week, it won’t surprise you to hear that five Americans have been diagnosed with Ebola at the time of this writing. As soon as the news broke on the first case, I myself received a panicked […]

Both Sides: Did Emma Watson redefine feminism?

No Rosie Curts Guest Writer I don’t think Emma Watson said anything wrong in her speech, per se. She spoke eloquently and she is clearly budding into an excellent young feminist. However, it is frustrating to watch the Internet explode over the viral video of the beautiful actress being a “game-changer” by saying what feminists […]

Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Rick Sawn reflects on his memories coaching volleyball and talks about season goals

Jack Burger Staff Writer Your team finished the season ranked twelfth last year. How did you achieve this success? We were very happy with the season last year. We would have liked to finish a little bit higher, but I think in retrospect the season as a whole was very successful. How does this season […]

Sigma Chi sets out to vastly expand brotherhood at Colorado College

Candelaria Alcat Staff Writer Although Greek life has, for the most part, played a minor role at Colorado College, fraternities and sororities on campus are looking to make a bigger splash. “We’ve established more camaraderie within the brothers, which has become extremely contagious to our pledges as well,” said Chris Bemis, President of Colorado College’s […]

ITS launches new CC Mobile App featuring event calendars and on-campus menus

Sam Tezak Life Editor At 8 a.m. yesterday morning, student and faculty e-mails beeped to life. Colorado College Communications contacted the student body, informing everyone that Colorado College had released its own campus mobile map. As high school and college campuses across the country begin releasing smart phone applications that offer students mobile access to […]

Half Block to introduce mental health first aid choice

Elly Blum Staff Writer With the substantial increase in the number of students signing up for the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) class in the previous two years, Colorado College students have expressed great interest in improving their ability to respond to and handle medical emergencies. Now, Colorado College will also use Half Block to train […]

Campus Safety clears up murky waters regarding Homecoming Dance shutdown

Sam Tezak Life Editor Just before midnight this past Saturday night, students and alumni trickled through campus decked out in dress attire and voicing complaints about the much-anticipated Homecoming Dance’s early closure. The dance, held in the tents constructed on Armstrong Quad, ended 20 minutes before its expected dismissal at midnight Sunday. Following the dance, […]


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