Speed Skating Makes Rare Appearance on a College Campus

Cornerstone Wall Murals: “The Man Behind the Chalk”

Worth the Wait? What it Takes to Enroll in an Art Adjunct

10 Questions with David Crye

Hundreds March With Muslim and Immigrant Neighbors

Colorado Springs Residents Question Motives Behind Panhandling Ordinance

The Springs Echo: First Colorado Springs Street Paper

An Active Life Won’t Fix Obesity


Tutt Library Renovation Reaches Halfway Point

Written by Evva Parsons Photos by Aaron Cronin The new library will officially open for students Block 1 of the 2017-18 academic year, having cost… Read More

Honor Council Increases Outreach Efforts

The Honor Council has been increasing outreach efforts in the past year to better inform students and professors about the Honor Code. Additionally, the student… Read More

Three-Year Live-on Campus Policy Cemented by Housing Construction

Housing at Colorado College has always been a source of tension between students and the administration. Whether it was 1967 when students protested for the… Read More

Hundreds March With Muslim and Immigrant Neighbors

Last Saturday, Feb. 4, the Colorado Springs community mobilized to declare solidarity with Muslim and immigrant neighbors and to oppose President Trump’s proposed border wall.… Read More

Documentary Investigates Lives of Chinese Journalism Students in America

MOSAIC (Multicultural Organization of Students: An International Community), the Chinese Student Association, and the Colorado College Journalism Program joined forces to bring Chinese-American documentarian and… Read More

Colorado Springs Residents Question Motives Behind Panhandling Ordinance

After a federal judge in Grand Junction ruled in 2015 that pan-handling is an expression of speech and protected by the First Amendment, the Colorado… Read More


Broomball: More Than Meets the Ice

Written by Elise Glaser If you ask the general population for their consensus on running on ice, the majority will tell you “don’t do it.”… Read More

Cornerstone Wall Murals: “The Man Behind the Chalk”

Built in 2008 and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, Cornerstone Arts Center is one of the newer and more modern buildings at… Read More

“After Before”: The Remnants of Instant Gratification

Written by Molly Dunn It’s something many of us experience every day: the crinkle of opening a granola bar, the pop of a fresh Yerba… Read More

SOCC n’ Roll: CC Artists Showcase Talents

Music is a huge part of campus life for many students; there are many CC events that center around music of some sort. The Sounds… Read More


Speed Skating Makes Rare Appearance on a College Campus

Although speed skating is among the most watched Olympic sports, it hardly has a presence on college campuses. Until this year, that is, thanks to… Read More

Colorado College Men’s Basketball Wins Two Key Games

John Hatch had one of those weekends. The junior forward from Lodi, Wis. scored 29 points in Friday’s game against Centenary College, followed by a… Read More

Active Life

Women’s Wednesdays Provide Supportive Climbing Environment

Rock climbing has been seen as a macho boy’s club since its inception in the Alps. However, as the 20th century passed its halfway point,… Read More

A Conversation with Conservationist and Outdoorsman James Mills

James Mills stands in front of some 50 people in Slocum Commons to speak about diversity in the outdoors. He is at Colorado College touring… Read More

The Death of the Ski Bum and Intentional Tourism

“The ski bum is extinct,” Director of Sustainability Ian Johnson declared. This sentiment was echoed by many ski resort workers featured in my Catalyst article… Read More

Working Together to Workout Better

Written by Melanie Mandell Undoubtedly the hardest part of working out is finding the motivation to do so. One needs to decide when to go… Read More