The food diaries: Hometown dishes dished up by fellow students

Zoe Holland Food Guru With a student body that comes from around the country and the globe, food is often one of the biggest reminders of home. Bon Appétit serves a variety of foods, but there are some food items that you just can’t find. I asked a few students about the dishes and foods […]

Licking a crisp packet: Alt-j offers pure seduction

Evyn Papworth Guest Writer “I want to turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet”: seductive, or just plain weird? Either way, and despite the randomness and ambiguity of many of their lyrics, Alt-J only seems to be gaining in popularity. That’s why it was no surprise when they sold out the […]

Run the Jewels 2: “comes twice as hard”

Nick Dye Music Editor With the year’s end quickly approaching, critics have noticed a lack of strong releases this year as well as weak sales. So far, Taylor Swift’s 1989, reviewed last week, is the only album within arm’s reach of selling one million copies. With the last two months of 2014 upon us, artists […]

Where is Video Dance Party? Halloween twist includes DJ Mansour’s genius

Connor Sample Staff Writer As an eager prospective student, Video Dance Party (VDP) was an event that I had heard about while reading various blogs online and while talking to my host and other students during my open house visit. It sounded like the college parties I had seen on television and in my dreams, […]

Inaugural Southwest Week set to kick off next week with photography contest and hip-hop duo Shining Soul

Dana Cronin Staff Writer Colorado College’s inaugural Southwest Week is expected to take place from Nov. 10 to Nov. 14. The weeklong series of events will include film screenings, music events, an open house, and a photography lecture. The photography lecture by Steve Weaver, the Technical Director of Geology here at CC, will kick off […]

Being transgender at CC: A student speaks out about their experience

Raine Kennedy Guest Writer What are EQUAL’s (or any other groups you’re involved in) aims as far as helping transgender students be successful at Colorado College? For the Queer Community Coalition (QCC), I know that November is Transgender Awareness month, and they are planning something. To be honest, I don’t know what. My schedule keeps […]

The Interdisciplinary House, something for everyone

Jonathan Wenegieme Staff Writer With second week coming to a close and the latter half of the block looming upon us and many midterms and papers to prepare for, we try to find more efficient ways to stay focused. Maybe we work at the library, holed up in the Lincoln Room or soliciting the tables […]

State of the Rockies project breaks into the world of art

Ruby Samuels Staff Writer In a world where scientific versus socially minded people are often divided, the State of the Rockies Project is attempting to bridge that gap with art.  The Project, which is a student-faculty collaborative research project devoted to conserving the natural resources of the West, recently held a photography exhibit in the […]


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