Favoring Fun: A Glimpse Into the Life of the CC Cycling Team

The Colorado College cycling team is a tight-knit group of riders who compete in road, mountain, cyclocross, and track cycling races. During the fall the team travels throughout Colorado and New Mexico to compete in a series of mountain bike races. As spring rolls around, CC riders begin preparing for road bike season. Team members can be found all across campus: at the bike co-op maintaining their bikes, mixed among the students at a Full Moon Cruiser, or belting out the lyrics to Thin Lizzy’s 1976 classic, “The Boys Are Back in Town.”

Members of the CC Cycling team race along with local cyclists through downtown with Pikes Peak in the background. Photo Courtesy of CC Cycling Team

“The bike team to me is a place where lots of different riders with lots of different goals can go to find their optimal experience on a bike,” said senior Xan Marshland. “This leads to an atmosphere that pushes people hard, but one that always favors fun over everything else.” The CC team welcomes everyone with or without a bike to join. Races are broken into three groups; the “C” group is for anyone who wants to try racing for the first time. There is no pressure to push yourself to the limit. At the same time, the races can serve as an excellent opportunity for those who have experience competing. For example, team captain Hayley Bates, a junior, recently attended the collegiate nationals.

What sets CC’s cycling team apart from other teams in the conference is the fact that it is entirely run by students. Some teams, like Mesa and Fort Lewis, come to races with professional coaches and large support trailers. However, the CC team organizes rides in their own cars and they camp together in the parking lots of the races. “As a student-run team we organize our budget, spending, merchandise, sponsors, training, travel, and more,” said senior and team captain Tasha Heilweil. “Even though this is a huge job, being entirely student-run allows the team to act as a supportive community for cyclists of all disciplines.”

Five members of the CC Cycling team pose for a photo in Garden of the Gods. Photo Courtesy of CC Cycling Team


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