Healthy Hacks to Strengthen Your Smoothie

Obsessed with your NutriBullet? In the midst of the smoothie bowl craze? You are not alone. However, you may not be getting the most out of your mix. Smoothies are wonderfully versatile because there are many simple ways to enhance what goes into your blender. Small, healthy additions won’t change the flavor or add a weird taste, but they will add health benefits. Give some of these add-ins a try to mix things up and boost your body!

Sweet Potato

A great way to get vitamin A! Vitamin A promotes healthy vision, skin, bones, and tissues, and may also work as an antioxidant to fight cell damage (LiveScience). Throw in a couple of raw chunks.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds provide an ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which can be especially helpful for vegans. Not only may they reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis, but omega-3s are highly concentrated in the brain, influencing proper cognitive and behavioral functioning (University of Maryland Medical Center). To supplement your smoothie, add a tablespoon of flaxseed meal—pre-ground flax seeds with a fine consistency that blends more smoothly.

Hemp Seeds

These provide lots of healthy fiber, as well as omega-3s and omega-6s. Like omega-3s, omega-6s support healthy brain function, in addition to brain growth and development (according to UMMC). Adding a tablespoon will also give your smoothie a creamier consistency.

Chia Seeds

Ease the stomach and cleanse the body with these little seeds. They’re a good source of iron, which regulates growth, development, immune system, and metabolism (NewsMax). Add any amount between a teaspoon and tablespoon.


Great for skin and eyes; just toss in some small chunks or a handful of baby carrots.


Toss as much of this as you want into the blender; spinach never changes the flavor, and these greens are super healthy and iron-rich. You can’t get enough of them!


Add in a handful; kale does have a light flavor on its own, but is neutralized by the other flavors going into the blender. Kale aids digestion and is a great source of fiber.

Medjool Dates

Tear them apart and remember to remove the pit. They won’t change the flavor, but will make your smoothie sweeter and eliminate any bitter flavors. Dates are a fruit, so they are a great natural, vegan alternative to many other sweeteners that add a wealth of vitamins and minerals to your smoothie.

Cashews and Almonds

They add protein and healthy fats. Just sprinkle a small handful into the blender. Additionally, if you run out of milk, you can always use water and a handful of nuts in your smoothie as a DIY alternative milk.

Imagine all the health and taste possibilities with these additions—go break out your blender!

Photo courtesy of Leah Curtis

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