HIIT at Home (or Dorm)

   As many students know, the Block Plan has plenty of benefits to its structure. But what is even more common knowledge is that a difficult or time-consuming block can make it near impossible to find time for anything other than studying. We’ve all been in blocks where it feels like the only exercise possible is the walk between your dorm room and the library.

   If you’re trying to fit more exercise into your daily routine but don’t have time to get to the gym, don’t be discouraged. Lily Green ’19, a former High Intensity Interval Training instructor, has created a dorm room-friendly workout that requires no equipment and will still get your heart racing:

   Begin with a 2.5-minute warm-up to get your heart rate up. This can include jogging in place, jumping jacks, or doing lunges up and down the hallway.

   The workout is broken up into seven “stations.” Perform each exercise for one minute and take a 15-second break in between stations. Complete all seven stations twice through. For an added challenge, do one circuit of the seven station core workout. 

Exercise during a busy block is, but not impossible — give HIIT a try in your dorm room, apartment, or off-campus house!


1: Alternating high knees.

2: Low front plank.

3: Left leg lunge with a twist.

4: Right leg lunge with a twist.

5: Bicep curls with something heavy like a textbook — if you only have one, do one arm at a time for 30 seconds each.

6: Push-ups.

7: Classic squats — hold a textbook in front of you for added weight.

Core Bonus Circuit Stations

1: Low and high plank alternating. Start with a high plank and drop down to a low plank, then move back into high plank.

2. Bicycle crunches.

3. V-ups. Keeping your back straight, bring hands and feet all the way down to the ground. Use a textbook for added weight.

4. Table tops with elbow and knee extensions. Bring opposite elbow and knee together and extend out.

5. Left side crunches.

6: Right side crunches.

7. Russian twists with optional textbook weight. 

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