Ski Films: Combining Outdoor Sports and Cinematic Entertainment

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, people are preparing for winter. Some people loathe the idea of snow-covered streets and dark afternoons, while others break out their sweaters and snow boots with the gusto of a grand opening ceremony. Those who enjoy sliding around on snow in particular find that cold November days are the perfect time to binge-watch ski films. Here are some of this year’s most anticipated films:

Good Company: “Guest List” 

Good Company ski films have gotten a lot of buzz in recent years. After all, it’s hard not to attract attention when you feature skiers such as Tom Wallisch, Karl Fostvedt, and Dale Talkington as part of your crew. Their new film, “Guest List,” is guaranteed to take audiences through rad backcountry areas, urban ski spots, and park shoots.

Matchstick Productions: “Drop Everything”

“Drop Everything” follows a strange narrative-driven film from 2016, focusing on the world of freeskiing. The trailer for “Drop Everything” promises even more action and excitement than the previous film. Moreover, Matchstick Productions doesn’t aim to disappoint with action- and comedy-packed shots that make Matchstick films unique.

Teton Gravity Research: “Rogue Elements”

Teton Gravity Research films generally follow a band of rad skiers as they tear down huge mountain lines around the globe. “Rogue Elements” is no different, emphasizing the rogue, wild nature of ski adventurers.

Faction Skis: “THIS IS HOME”

All you need to know about “THIS IS HOME” is that Candide Thovex is in it. If you don’t know who that is, just type “One of those Days” into YouTube and you’ll learn exactly who Thovex is. That should be enough to pique your interest and watch this film.

Level 1: “Habit”

From the team that brought freestyle skiing to the silver screen, “Habit” is yet another great-looking film. As with any Level 1 film, it’s a ton of bros having fun while doing flips and hitting handrails. And as always, there’s an urban skiing segment in an exotic country.

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