Sweating It Out in the Springs: CorePower Yoga Experience

Sweating. I never knew that I could sweat so much. Have I ever sweat this much before in my life? I didn’t know that I could sweat out of so many places at once. How much sweat can my yoga mat absorb?

Photo by Daniel Sarché

The yoga sculpt class at CorePower Yoga fuses a traditional hot yoga experience with a strength training and circuit class to create a truly unique fitness experience. Pushups and controlled dumbbell exercises blend with traditional yoga practices as well as plyometrics and traditional weightlifting. This mix of exercise aims to increase strength and endurance through heated circuit work that also increases blood follow.

The yoga sculpt class at CorePower Yoga starts in a 96-degree, wooden room on a yoga mat with two sets of free weights on either side of the mat. Within fifteen minutes of the workout, the room suddenly becomes a sauna with wooden beams and warm floors engulfing you in heat and your own perspiration. As the workout transitions from a sun-salutation warm-up to a cardio and strength-intensive interval workout, you can begin to effectively count your workout by the number of sweat dribbles that plop to your mat. Downward facing dog series. Plop. Squat series. Plop. Plop. Push up series. And cardio circuit work that ends in the thud of your head hitting the back of your mat in total exhaustion for a shavasana-inspired, restorative yoga cool-down.

While all of the yoga sculpt classes follow a loose format, every instructor at CorePower Yoga uses different exercises at different times in different locations. No single CorePower Yoga sculpt class is the same experience; while classes are physically challenging, some yoga sculpt classes are more strenuous than others. While each class is somewhat different, the CorePower Yoga sculpt class is guaranteed a difficult workout experience; not one for the faint of heart.

Sweat Level (Scale 1 to 5): 5

Difficulty: Hard

Type of Exercise: Toning, Cardio, and Strengthening

Targets: Workout and gym enthusiasts

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