‘Tis the “Skison”: Current Skiing Conditions

With peak ski season fast approaching, it’s time to start hitting the slopes of your preferred mountains as they open up for the season. Here is a quick update on some of Colorado College students’ favorite places to “get sendy.” 

Photo by Austin Halpern


So far, 66 out of 187 runs have opened at Breck, with 15 out of 34 lifts in full operation. Eleven inches of snow fell within the past 72 hours, with more light snowfall expected over the next three days; the snow is groomed. 


Forty-three of the 128 runs are open, with 12 out of 20 lifts running. Seven inches of snow fell on Saturday and the snow is groomed. 

Arapahoe Basin

Almost half of the total runs are open at A-Bay, with 52 out of 107 trails accessible. Six of the 9 lifts are operating. A foot of snowfall on Saturday will likely be followed by more. The snow is packed. 


Ninety-one of the 195 trails are open at Colorado’s biggest ski resort. Fourteen of the 31 lifts are operating, and nine inches of new snow arrived on Saturday, with a light snowfall expected in the near future. The runs are machine-groomed. 

Crested Butte

Currently, 39 of 162 runs are open at the home of CC’s Winter Fest, with five of 15 lifts in full operation. Eight inches of snow fell on Saturday and nine more are expected within the next three days. The snow is packed. 


Fifty-one of 64 trails are open and five of seven lifts are operating. Seven inches of fresh snow fell within the last 72 hours. The runs aren’t quite packed yet; more snow is expected within the next three days. This is the only mountain of the ones mentioned that is not on the Epic Pass.

 While it’s clear that none of these locations are in full swing, it is still early and this winter is predicted to be a wet one. For more information and daily updates on the status of resorts, download the Epic Mix app. For non-Epic terrain, check out the Google updates.

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