Top Five Ranking of Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts

As a college student, I have neither the time nor money to invest in a trainer or a nutritionist to improve my personal fitness. That’s why I turn to fitness Instagram accounts to help me when I get bored of my workout routines or can’t figure out what to cook for dinner. However, there are a lot of bogus fitness Instagramers who are only looking for money. Additionally, some Instagramers teach with an uncompromising “my way or the highway” approach and have unrealistic expectations. To help you avoid the fitness phonies, I am going to share my top five favorite fitness Instagram accounts.

Coming in at number five is @womenshealthmag. This is the account of Women’s Health magazine and while it is labeled as specifically “for women,” I think everyone can take away something useful from this account. The magazine offers a collection of exercises, recipes, and motivational sayings and pictures. While the account is well-maintained, its drawback is that it has an impersonal feel because it is run by a magazine rather than just one person. However, because of its content, this account is still worth a follow.

My fourth favorite account is @collegenutritionist. Here you’ll find free ideas for affordable meals. All of the suggested meals include the ingredients and the calorie totals. This account also suggests ways to make less healthy foods healthier. For example, they propose a recipe for cauliflower pizza crust instead of traditional pizza crust. Rachel Paul, the dietitian who runs the page, also takes a more holistic approach and encourages you to indulge in your cravings every once and a while. Paul offers plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options. However, if you don’t love eggs, this page might not be for you.

@katiecrewe has to be my third favorite account due to the great mix of gym and at-home workouts for those days when you just can’t make it to the gym. Katie Crewe also emphasizes that there is no “best” fitness plan because every person is different. Additionally, Crewe gives her two cents on popular fitness debates, such as how much cardio is the right amount of cardio. Interspersed with her workout routines are photos of her favorite meals, and even the occasional “food diary” where she displays everything she’s eaten in a given day. She tends to periodically post some personal photos which I don’t love, but her account is great nonetheless.

The runner-up account is @strengthcoachtherapy. Anyone who has been involved in strength training long enough knows that the occasional injury tends to come up every once and a while. Whether the injury is from improper form or overexertion, it’s crucial to repair your body before getting back to working out. Dr. Teddy Willsey, the man behind the Instagram account, posts incredible physical therapy videos on topics varying from warming up, mobility, stability prehab (pre-rehab, a preventative measure in order to stave off potential injury), and rehab. Videos specific to problem areas are very easy to find because Dr. Willsey does a fantastic job labeling his videos. Currently, Dr. Willsey is in the process of rehabilitation from rotator cuff surgery and posts Instagram stories of how he’s rehabbing his own shoulder. An added plus is that he also has two adorable Pitbulls that he often stories.

My absolute favorite fitness account is @syattfitness. Jordan Syatt is fantastic; he prioritizes mental health, having a healthy relationship with food, and especially working out. He also acknowledges that progress is not linear by any means. Syatt shares incredibly level-headed nutrition advice and even has a podcast where he discusses pertinent fitness topics. His workouts posted to Instagram are just a fraction Syatt’s fitness knowledge; he also has an entire electronic book of free workouts that target arms, legs, and total body that will definitely kick your butt (trust me). Syatt also has an obsession with Harry Potter that shows through in his clever captions, which just makes the account even better. If you’re going to follow one fitness Instagram, make sure it’s @syattfitness.

Instagram is full of great fitness accounts, and I’m sure there are other exemplary accounts that I’ve yet to find. For quick, easy, and effective improvements to your fitness routine, be sure to follow some fitness Instagram accounts.

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