Working Together to Workout Better

Written by Melanie Mandell

Undoubtedly the hardest part of working out is finding the motivation to do so. One needs to decide when to go to the gym, what to wear, what workout to do, and then actually see that through. The El Pomar Sports Center staff strives to make working out easier and exponentially more exciting by offering a plethora of group workout classes every day that may not be challenging, but are still incredibly fun and rewarding.

A schedule of the different classes offered each block can be found under the fitness section of the Sports and Recreation page on the Colorado College website. Classes are offered seven days a week from as early as 7:15 a.m. to as late as 9 p.m. A few of the classes include: Zumba, Step Up Total Body Fitness, Sunrise Yoga, and Boxing.

All classes are taught by experienced CC students who love what they do. First-year Bita Kavoosi teaches the only Zumba class offered at CC. When asked why she chose to earn a Zumba teacher certification, Kavoosi said, “When I was younger, my mom used to make me go to classes at the gym by our house, and I instantly loved it. I can dance to great music, get an incredible workout, and be with my friends all at the same time.”

Sophomore Maria Cortner teaches the Step Up Total Body Fitness class, and she loves how it has completely changed working out for her. “I really like to workout every day just to feel happier in general, but something about the group workout dynamic really changed my relationship with exercise, making working out so much more exciting and rewarding for me,” said Cortner. “Working out in a class environment like Total Body Fitness also made me so much more conscious of what parts of my body I use while working out, and it’s more beneficial for you to work your whole body as opposed to just your legs while running or using the elliptical.”

“It was honestly so hard,” said first-year Mary Kate Maloney when asked about Cortner’s Total Body Fitness class. “At one point, me and my friend were almost in tears from how hard we were working. At the same time, it was so much fun being able to work out in a large group with an instructor that definitely knows what she’s doing. The great playlist was definitely a plus, too.”

The classes have become an increasingly popular option for sports teams to stay in shape during their offseason. The Women’s Club Rugby Team frequently goes to the Yoga Sculpt class, and has nothing but good things to say about it. Junior Nora Holmes said, “It was so much fun: the most fun ever! I loved it so much.” First-year Charlotte Majercik said, “I really loved getting to workout with my team in a totally new and really challenging way. I was definitely sore for the next couple of days after this class.”

Anyone—not just members of a sports team—can participate in these classes: no sign up required. The CC community is incredibly fortunate to have free access to such challenging classes with such dedicated instructors. I encourage even more people to visit the gym and take advantage of this opportunity. “Everyone should come and at least try one workout class,” said Cortner. “It’s not awkward; it’s so fun, and it changes your relationship with working out by making it something you can look forward to. It’s also so good for you and allows everyone to have the feeling of being a part of a team, even if it’s only for one hour each day.”

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