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Welcome back to Workout of the Week!

Last week was a CrossFit circuit, and this week will offer a variation on CrossFit: a pyramid. A CrossFit pyramid consists of five exercises. Do one rep of each exercise in the first round, two reps in the second round, three reps in the third round, and so on, until you reach 10 reps. Then proceed back down, reducing the number of reps by one each round. Be sure to listen to your body and stop if the exercises are too difficult or challenging you too much – consider doing fewer than 10 rounds to start. Or alternatively, try warming up with a 10-15 minute run to stretch out your legs and get your heart pumping. If the pyramid is too easy for you, increase the number of reps by two or three each round.

Below is one set of exercises for you to try, but feel free to mix it up as you see fit!

Pyramid Exercise Rotation

• Push-ups (1-10 reps)

• Squats (1-10 reps)

• Russian twists (1-10 reps)

• Box jumps (1-10 reps)

• Burpees (1-10 reps)

And don’t forget to stretch after every workout! If you have any questions about any of the exercises or would like to reach out to me for more workouts, I can be reached at

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