Workout of the Week

By Courtney Knerr

Welcome back to Workout of the Week! The workout for this week is an interval workout using a cardio exercise of your choice: running, biking, or swimming. All you need for the workout is a timer and a pair of running shoes, a bike, or a swimsuit—depending on the type of cardio you pick. You may also need to visit the El Pomar Sports Center if you prefer to work out inside. The workout is formatted as a warm-up interval, a set of build-ups, one more intense interval, and then a cool-down interval.

As usual, don’t forget to stretch after every workout and drink plenty of water. After this workout, you’re going to want to stretch out your legs if you choose to bike or run, and your arms and core if you choose to swim. No matter which cardio you choose, you should refuel with some carbohydrates and water soon after you finish working out. If you have questions about any of the exercises or want more than one workout a week, you can reach me at

Running Interval


•10 minutes at a jog

•3x through the following in tervals:

-1 minute at a relaxed jog

-1 minute at a moderate run (a comfortable stride)

-1 minute at a sprint (or as fast as you can go for a minute)

•5 minutes at a moderate run (just pushing a comfortable stride)

•5 minutes at a jog

Swimming Interval


•500 meters of relaxed freestyle

•3x through the following intervals:

-100 meters of relaxed freestyle

-100 meters of moderately-paced freestyle

-100 meters of sprint freestyle

•250 meters of moderately-paced freestyle

•250 meters of relaxed freestyle

Biking Interval


•10 minutes biking at a relaxed pace

•3x through the following intervals:

-1 minute at a relaxed pace

-1 minute at a moderate pace

-1 minute at a sprint

•5 minutes at a moderate pace

•5 minutes at a relaxed pace



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