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Welcome back to Workout of the Week! The workout this week is a strength circuit. A strength circuit tends to be a little slower than a CrossFit circuit, but it is overall more tiring for specific muscle groups. If this is the first strength workout for you, be prepared to feel multiple muscle groups burning instead of just one. Be sure to include a warm-up and some stretches for the end.

As usual, don’t forget to stretch after every workout and drink plenty of water. After this workout, stretch out everything—arms, legs, and abs. Some of my favorite stretches after this workout include upward facing dog, an eagle stretch for the shoulders, a lying quad stretch, and a pigeon stretch for hip-flexors. After any workout, you should refuel with some carbohydrates (maybe some fruit) and water soon after you finish working out. If you have questions about any of the exercises or just would like some workouts for more than one day a week, I can be reached at



  5-10 minutes of either running, biking, or elliptical



3 sets of:

  8-10 squats with a bar

2 sets of:

• 10 one-legged squats
       with weight

• 10 lunges with weight



3 sets of:

• 8-10 bench presses
      with bar or dumbbells

• 10 shoulder presses

• 10 bicep curls

2 sets of:

• 10 tricep pulls (with


• 10 sitting rows (with


• 10 pull-downs (with bar

   attached to cable)



1 set of:

• 20 Russian twists (with

   medicine ball)

• 30 crunches

• 20 leg lifts

• 30 crunches

• 20 sit-ups

• 30 crunches

• 1:00 plank

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