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Welcome to Workout of the Week (WOW for short), a new weekly feature of Active Life. The purpose of this section is to provide a resource for people to step outside their comfort zones and explore different workout routines. My personal exercise routine includes running, swimming, CrossFit, and weight training, so I will typically provide these types of workouts. However, I will also interview other types of athletes and construct new workouts based on their athletic knowledge.

This week, I will begin with CrossFit, the first type of routine I adopted. The purpose of CrossFit is twofold. First, it works to avoid targeting just one muscle group to give your entire body a workout; second, it increases motivation to keep working out by changing up what you’re doing every day, keeping it exciting. To me, any workout where you don’t just do one activity counts as CrossFit. These workouts can come in the form of circuits, pyramids, Tabata, HIIT, cardio, strength, or a mix of all of the above. The workout this week is a mix of cardio and a circuit. The routine below should be completed three to five times for the full workout. If you’re just starting out, you can stick with three rounds, but if that seems too easy for you, you can either increase the reps throughout the workout or complete four to five rounds. You will need either a treadmill, a track, or a good space to run, but other than that, all the exercises use bodyweight. Try it at the gym or anywhere open on campus!

For this workout, I recommend doing the buildups on a treadmill, increasing the speed every minute, and doing the rest of the workout on a nearby workout mat so you can quickly hop back on the treadmill at the beginning of each round. Do however many rounds you feel comfortable with and don’t forget to stretch afterwards! If you have any questions about any of the exercises or would like to reach out to me for more workouts, I can be reached at Happy first week!

· 4-minute buildup from jog to sprint (running)

· 10 pushups

· 15 squat jumps

· 15 sit-ups

· 10 burpees (with the push-up)

· 20 lying leg raises

· 30-45 second plank



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