Love on the Block

Every week, Dr. Took-One-Psych-Class-Sophomore-Year will be answering Colorado College’s questions about the one thing that perplexes our student body most, Love on the Block. This first week is an example of the magical advice you […]

Story Time With Georgia

By Georgia Grellier Who: Seniors clearly love to be anonymous, so we’ll call this one “Hannah”. When: Senior year, but in high school. What:  As health class teachers and exasperated parents often tell their adolescent […]

Chico Basin Ranch

By Sophia Nolan    “Most of the time I’m looking for abnormalities,” Jake says, driving his 1989 white Toyota truck down uneven dirt roads, surveying short grass pastures dotted with herds of brown-eyed cattle. His […]

Is Grass Green?

By Anna Gaw     Take a look around campus on any sunny day above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll see college kids sprinkled around the expansive swaths of Kentucky bluegrass playing frisbee, lounging, doing homework, hammocking, […]