Why Women’s Wednesday?

“It’s Women’s Wednesday — climbing for female-identifying people only.” “But there’s only two people in the gym: can’t I climb?” “No.” “What if I just use the training room?” “No, that’s part of the gym.” […]

Weekly Rundown

ON CAMPUS • Rocky Mountain Women’s film festival will be hosted at CC from Nov. 9–11. RMWF is the longest running women’s film festival in North America. •  In celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, […]

A Midterm of Firsts

On Nov. 6, citizens across the United States voted in a monumental midterm election, characterized by countless “firsts” with candidates across the electoral map making history. One such candidate is right here in Colorado; Jared […]

Can President Trump Determine Citizenship?

Birthright citizenship may be under attack. President Donald Trump has announced a potential executive order that would end “birthright” citizenship — the standing right to a U.S. citizenship that comes with being born in the […]