The Pros and Cons of a New You

What I heard time and time again as I headed into my first year of college was that it would be a chance for me to reinvent myself—to become who I want to become. Of […]

Consumerism Intersecting with Activism

It’s my last full week of my first year at Colorado College, and I think I’m beginning to understand elements of the school’s culture—positive and negative. We’re weird to a fault, care a lot about […]

Race, Politics, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

The complex and often problematic identities associated with modern music Classic rock is “the music that defined a generation”—and that rock and roll came to be defined as white is little contested. Within the music […]

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the labeling of first-year Mekael Daniel as junior Rachel Hyppolite in Vol. 47, No. 9 of the Catalyst, which was released Nov. 11, 2016, and subsequent “apologies” in March. Written by Brittany J. Camacho, […]

10 Questions with Dorsa Djalilzadeh

In the final week of her junior year, Dorsa Djalilzadeh prepares for her coming year as the second female CCSGA president in eight years. A political science and feminist and gender studies double major, Djalilzadeh […]