Nov. 22nd 2015

This week’s workout is a shoulder press. This strength movement will increase shoulder strength and allow you to perform more complex movements that involve your rotator cuff. An example of a rotator cuff movement is […]

Nov. 1st 2015

This week’s workout can not only serve as a workout but also as a warm-up depending on the intensity in which the movements are performed. The first movement is an inchworm push-up. This movement is […]

Oct. 25th 2015

This week’s workout is strictly cardio. The exertion done during this workout should be your maximum, meaning that you should continue the exercise until you physically have to stop. This does not mean keep exercising […]

Oct. 18th 2015

This week’s workout combines two movements that will alternate between strength and cardio. The strength portion of this workout will be dumbbell shoulder press and the cardio portion will be a jump rope workout. Shoulder […]

Oct. 11th 2015

This week’s workout is cardiovascular-based and will require a lot of energy. It is important to have a high intensity workout that raises your heart rate about two days a week. The more you partake […]