10 Questions with Annabelle O’Neil

Annabelle O’Neil is a sophomore at CC, member of the Sustainability Council, and a resident of Old Synergy. O’Neil passionately pursues geology and is a wonderfully colorful human, inside and out.  Becca Stine: What was […]

10 Questions with Idris Goodwin

A well-accomplished playwright, rapper, essayist, and CC professor shares insight into his life, inspirations, and creative processes.  The Catalyst: What was your favorite birthday party? Idris Goodwin: When I turned 30, I went and saw […]

How Bill the Soldier Became the Bill You Know

From Vietnam to the Ins and Outs of the Mailroom Bill Gilchrist, a resident worker of the Colorado College mailroom, was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. This coming May marks Bill’s 12th […]

Barista Breaking Boundaries: Meet Mandy Joblinske

Mandy Joblinske, 25, a barista and a young face CC students see almost everyday at Colorado Coffee, was born and raised in Colorado Springs, “which is honestly kind of lame,” she said. “Its like super […]

Boxed In: The Other Side of the Mailroom

Above photo by Noah Weeks Rick Goodman: a face most Colorado College students would recognize, but a community member many do not know. Goodman was born and raised in Michigan, but moved to Colorado Springs […]