Hop-Ed: Red Leg Brewing Company

Red Leg Brewing Company Founded by veterans, Red Leg Brewing opened with the intention of helping army veterans transition back into home life after their service abroad. The brewery opened July 4, 2013, a fitting […]

Hop-Ed: Gold Camp Brewing Company

Gold Camp Brewing Company This week features Gold Camp Brewing Company, who celebrated their two-year anniversary this past January. The brewers from Gold Camp were the original founders of the Brewer’s Republic Beer Pub in […]

Hop-Ed: Great Storm Brewing

A weekly review of local beers for Colorado College students by Colorado College students With the idea for the brewery starting in 2010 by a group of beer-loving individuals, Great Storm opened their doors to […]

Hop-Ed: Local Relic

Intro: A weekly review of local beers for CC students by CC students. Brought to you in association with the Homebrew Education Club of Colorado College. This weeks brewery: Local Relic Brewery Info: As the […]