Climate at the gym: Climb it at the gym

“You ready for this? I’m going to go flash that V9 dude,” I overhear, nervously chuckling at the colloquialism yet still shifting my body slightly in order to watch the speaker do just that: climb […]

New era in the life and mind

I never understood what all the hype was about. Climbing always just seemed like a good way to get your arms tired and your hands raw. Sure, I would occasionally take a jaunt to the […]

Exploring as a way of life

We are at the end of another fantastic year at Colorado College. Some of you may be realizing that everything you’ve accomplished and done this year is up to par and that you wouldn’t change […]

Robbers Roost Canyon robbed my heart

The scene: Southwestern Utah’s expansive desert. 98 degrees. Dry. Canyonlands, between Burr Point and Angel Point Plateau. Pothole water only. Mostly dehydrated food. The players: two leaders—Kayo and Elissa—and ten students. The issue: Everything is […]

The ultimate guide to decoding backcountry lingo

Backpacking north of Twinning Peak, Colorado. Photo by Caleigh Smith. Are you a backcountry enthusiast wannabe? Have you started escaping with friends into the wilderness of Colorado but haven’t felt truly at home yet? Is […]