Exercise to Remember

 By Carlton Moeller In more information-dense classes on the Block Plan, studying can sometimes seem like a constant. In my own experience, in some of my more challenging blocks, studying has felt overwhelming and never-ending. There never seems to […]

Pure Bouldering: a Hidden Gym

By Carlton Moeller As the smallest of the three climbing gyms in Colorado Springs, Pure Bouldering efficiency utilizes their space. Despite Pure’s status as a bouldering-only gym, it offers a 40-foot-long roof section with climbs […]

The Science Behind Your Sunset

When the sun shines on our planet, it first hits the molecular oxygen and nitrogen molecules in our atmosphere. These molecules, which are so lovely to breathe, are small compared to the wavelengths of light […]

Climber’s Elbow

Let’s say that you begin climbing regularly, be it at the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym, some other climbing gym, or outside. After a while, you start to notice a slight aching pain around your elbow. […]