The Trials & Tribulations of Technology

Since I have been in elementary school, technology has grown to be ubiquitous within the American education system. From first to fourth grade, every student at my school took a computer class in which we […]

Eighth Block Shouldn’t be Easy

As I walk through Armstrong Hall, the Registrar’s Office is flooded with students attempting to figure out their class for Block 8. Perhaps, the overflowing office is a result of multiple waitlisted students not getting […]

Decategorizing the Human Experience

Human beings possess a tendency to break everything into an “either or” scenario—a cat or dog lover, a science or English person. And the list goes on: coffee or tea, Republican or Democrat, deviant or […]

A Necessary Redefining of Failure

As babies and toddlers, people are encouraged to venture outside of their comfort zones in order to learn. While learning to walk, parents cheer their children on, motivating them to take one more step, regardless […]

Messiness: The Key to Creativity

More often than not, cleanliness is associated with a certain quality of life. No one ever encourages another person to “be messier” or “less organized.” Often, when a person is messy, they are encouraged to […]

The Propriety of Mourning on Facebook

Facebook was initially created for college students to connect with each other. However, it has transformed into a global network used by all ages. Serving as a mechanism to watch recipe videos and scroll through […]

Cellphones as a Mechanism for Control

As I walked from the Preserve to Worner in an attempt to locate my lost notebook, I dropped my phone in the snow. Going back to find it was difficult because, unfortunately, I didn’t know […]