First-Year Student Protests Pedestrian Access Act

“My plan was to stay until I was ticketed,” said Hautzinger. Colorado College first-year student and long-time Colorado Springs resident Marley Ferguson Hautzinger has played an active role in the recent backlash against the Pedestrian […]

East Campus Housing Project Faces Community Resistance

Colorado College is designing new on-campus housing opportunities for upperclassmen, and community members are not happy about it. On April 5, CC held a Pre-Application neighborhood meeting to discuss the East Campus Housing Project, and […]

CC’s Sustainability Less Promising Than Expected

On March 25, Colorado College students spent their afternoon sorting trash on the quad outside the Worner Center. While sorting trash may not be an enjoyable activity, it revealed important information about CC’s trash output […]

CC Bluegrass Ensemble Goes to Carbondale

Not many people associate bluegrass music, which originates in Appalachia, with our western state of Colorado, but surprisingly enough, there is quite a large and lively bluegrass culture here amongst the Rocky Mountains. The culture […]