English Professor Natanya Pulley

Natanya Pulley is different from the average english professor at an American university or college. Pulley is one of a growing number of Native American professors in America and is the newest tenure-track professor in […]

Geology Professor Eric Leonard

Interviewed by David Andrews “When you’re teaching you don’t have a minute to breathe.” This is how Professor Eric Leonard describes his profession and the craft he has been perfecting since 1981 at Colorado College. […]

Physics and Astronomy Professor Dick Hilt

Professor Richard Hilt would likely wince upon seeing his full title printed in the campus newspaper. When I went into his Barnes corner office he introduced himself with a firm handshake and said to call […]

Poseidon: In Search of the Divine Jam

Poseidon’s music has an emotional range that is rare in the world of musicians at Colorado College, and something that the students of CC have flocked to house parties to get a taste of. The […]