Friends and Faces of the Barr Trail: Chris Mattingly

Chris Mattingly, 68, has been climbing the Barr Trail since 2009. It was through his curiosity for climbing fourteeners (mountains over 14,000 feet) that Mattingly came across the Barr Trail. Little did he know that […]

The CC Health and Fitness Community: Diversity in Thought

According to a published paper titled “Gender and Cultural Diversity in Sports, Exercise, and Performance Psychology” by Diane Gill in 2017, the study of gender and culture, which influences physical activity—specifically sports and exercise—has not […]

Sweating it Out in the Springs: Part 1

From Cyndi Lauper’s Buns of Steel, to INSANITY and Brazilian Butt workouts, there are many fitness videos that keep you at home, on the couch, or struggling to do tricep dips on a roller desk […]

Friends and Faces of the Barr Trail: Bailey Eppard

As the cold winter winds traverse the western ridge of the Rocky Mountains and tumble down the Peak, Barr Trail becomes more chilling to the bone. When the trail becomes icy and unforgiving, Barr Camp […]