Innovator-in-Residence promotes mindfulness in business

This fall, Colorado College launched the Innovation Institute’s Innovator-in-Residence program to advance innovative opportunities and support for students. Aaron Kahlow has been chosen as the first Innovator-in-Residence. Kahlow has worked in the innovation field for […]

CC ranks third on entrepreneurial colleges list

For decades, innovation has been a buzzword that triggers images of slick Silicon Valley start-ups or prestigious research universities in the East; however, the most recent cover of Forbes features Stewart Butterfield, a philosophy major […]

Show me the money: Breaking down the CCSGA budget

Last week, students could not turn their heads without witnessing some discussion of CCSGA funding drama. New financial policy changes came to light in tandem with elections for next year’s student body officers, a combination […]

Gaypril raises awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues

April is no longer known just for its showers; in recent years, college campuses across the nation have dedicated the month to the celebration of LGBTQIA+ awareness. Gaypril allows people inside and outside of the […]