SOCC VOICES: Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas walked into the study room where I was waiting for him. He was holding a chicken Parmesan sandwich loaded with marinara sauce and sprinkled with cheese. He sat in the chair next to […]

SOCC VOICES: James Farrell

I saw senior James Farrell walking to Worner through the windows on the first floor. He was coming to meet me for an interview. He looked down when he walked, with his hands in the […]

SOCC Voices: Eliza Densmore

I walked to senior Eliza Densmore’s house in an aggressive downpour of soft snow. One of her roommates let me in, and as I adjusted to the warmth, the smell of something delicious being cooked […]

SOCC Voices: ‘Jazz n’ Shit’

On Monday nights from 10 to 11 p.m. you’ll find Cole Emhoff in the SOCC studio DJ-ing his radio show “Jazz n’ Shit.” The name is pretty self-explanatory; Emhoff plays his favorite jazz music, and […]