DJ OLI WARD: Curator of Good Vibes

Written by Sam Imhoff If you’ve been out this year, you’ve probably seen Oliver Ward DJ at house parties. DJ OLI WARD is recognizable by his beaming and genuine smile, his plain grey t-shirt, and […]

Eric Betz: One Freaky Dude

Written by Elise Glaser In 2004 at a high school in Crothersville, Ind. a spread featured in the yearbook entitled “Body Decorations” incited an uproar amongst members of the school board. The spread was dedicated […]

Live with Passion: PLEASURES

Written by Sam Imhoff It is rare that a concert experience moves you so deeply that you consider your life as you stand dancing among the crowd. PLEASURES gave an intoxicating performance of high-octane, dark […]

Crises Beget Consciousness

By Wayan Buschman I am ashamed to say that I have never been the type to pick up a newspaper in my free time. I mastered the ability to feign a knowing shake of my head […]