We the Cash Cows

By Zhuang (Michael) Xu Australia Broadcast Company recently released a documentary titled “Cash Cows: Australian universities making billions out of international students.” The documentary attempts to shed light on the problem of universities in Australia […]

Making the Classics Relevant

By Abbey Russell This past Thursday, a group of Colorado College Classics enthusiasts, including myself, went on the first Classics department cultural outing of the year: a trip to the Colorado Springs Ensemble Theatre to […]

Sleep Helps Your Mind Recharge

By Sydney Janssen Sleep is important, but we often do not realize its many benefits. Without adequate sleep, our mind and body don’t work optimally, but, sleep is important for the brain for countless other […]

The Great Ski Debate

By Claire Barber Last block, I spent time tabling for FUCC, more politely known as the Freeriders Union at Colorado College. As I sat in the middle of Worner Center collecting email addresses, I became […]