Broomball: More Than Meets the Ice

Written by Elise Glaser If you ask the general population for their consensus on running on ice, the majority will tell you “don’t do it.” Running on a surface with minimal friction leads to falling, […]

College Dreams Thwarted by Financial Schemes

I distinctly remember the day I received my acceptance letter from Colorado College. The weather had been bad and, as a result, our internet connection was impaired. When the admission letters were released at 2 […]

Working Together to Workout Better

Written by Melanie Mandell Undoubtedly the hardest part of working out is finding the motivation to do so. One needs to decide when to go to the gym, what to wear, what workout to do, […]

A Rumination on The Inauguration

Written by Megan Bott When I was younger, cypress roots would stand at my feet and every Sunday I would lift my hands to God in prayer, promising Him my eternal devotion and offering up my […]