When in Colorado, Prepare for the Wild

NPR recently published an article written by Brian Mann, titled “More Americans Head into the Wild Unprepared for…the Wild.”  Mann argues that with the increase in access to and popularity of being in the outdoors, […]

Building an Outdoor Foundation Through FOOT

Before coming to Colorado College, I had never met someone who had gone backpacking. I had no idea NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) or HMI (High Mountain Institute) existed. I had been car camping, and […]

Public Opinion and Politics of Public Land

Every year, the Colorado College State of the Rockies program completes the Conservation in the West Poll. Exploring bi-partisan opinions in each state and for the Rocky Mountain West region, the poll surveys views on […]

The Fresh Prince of Outdoor Design

In a pithy talk that seemed designed to convince audience members that he is still a college kid at heart, product designer, manager, and innovator in the outdoor industry Jason Belaire described his experience designing […]