Styrofoam and the Creek Week Clean-Up

On an overcast fall morning a crowd of around 50 Colorado College students, community members, and middle school students stood shivering slightly around a picnic table behind the Van Briggle Pottery building on the west […]

Croozing by the Light of the Moon

It was a chilly fall night under the full moon, and at the north entrance to Worner, Halloween arrived a month early. An energetic crowd of costumed students on bikes bobbed along to blaring pop […]

Friday Night at the Old Laundromat

The room is blue-lit, and students with Birkenstocks and Chacos in eclectic combinations of fishnets and flannel bob their heads and sway in place as the first strains of electric guitar reverberate from the small […]

In Pursuit of the Kitsch

In a town known for mineral springs and marijuana dispensaries, lines of cars on the winding main road stop to let families cross the street. An old man in a leather cowboy hat plays guitar […]

The DJs of the Loomis Lounge

The Sounds of Colorado College, fondly referred to as the SoCC, is probably best known for their involvement with Battle of the Bands, the annual spring event in which student bands battle it out for […]