Collaboration over Coexistence

In a few short months both Republicans and Democrats are going to flock to Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively, to nominate or celebrate their candidate for the US presidency. I use the political parties as an […]

‘The Birth of a Nation’ Exposes Racism in Hollywood

In 1831, Nat Turner’s Rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia resulted in the highest death count of any slave rebellion in the history of the antebellum American South. Nat Turner, leader of the Southampton Insurrection, was […]

Election year 2016: You can’t put lipstick on a pig

By early June 2016, the presidential candidates will be set. Some six months later, on Nov. 8, the American electorate will decide between an incompetent leader and an untrustworthy leader, or possibly between a fascist […]

The case for strong federalism

Liberal idealism is something I try my hardest to stay away from; however, it is contagious and I can’t help myself from participating in such a tempting diversion. Accordingly, I will present the seemingly absent […]

GOP makes Boulder-sized error

On Oct. 28, the third Republican Debate will be hosted in Boulder, Colo. Yes, you read that correctly. The debate that will include the likes of the thoughtful Donald John Trump and the tactful preacher, […]

Is it time to get rid of the Second Amendment?

In light of the most recent mass shooting in Roseburg, Ore. this last week, the Second Amendment and the debate surrounding it has reestablished itself as the principal topic of discussion in the media and […]

The problem with unions

This past Monday, a New York Times article was published describing prison guard brutality on convicted inmates. The situation under scrutiny deals with an inmate due to serve 12 months for drug-related crimes in a […]

Drake is letting America down

On Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015 Drake and Atlanta-based Future released a joint mix-tape titled “What a Time to Be Alive.” This is Drake’s sixth attempt at releasing a relevant album that doesn’t repeat the same […]