Four world-class footpaths you can hike in a summer

Above: The view of the Green Mountains from the Vermont Long Trail. Photo by Jesse Metzger The John Muir Trail This famously scenic, 211-mile footpath through California’s Sierra Nevada Range connects Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney, the […]

Five tips for cold weather backpacking

The passage of fall in the mountains brings frigid temperatures and the possibility of snow—intimidating conditions even for many experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Warm-weather hikers need not fear the colder months, however, as backpacking can still […]

Seven tips for lightening your backpack on a budget

Photos by Jesse Metzger The so-called “ultralight” backpacking movement is, for many hiking enthusiasts, a mysterious concept, surrounded by myths and doubt. Many assume that adopting for weight-saving practices and gear is expensive, uncomfortable, and […]