Pedestrian Access Act Incites Community Backlash

“Ticketing homeless people is not going to fill the potholes,” said Paul, exasperated. Paul, who is fifty-one years old, was fired from his last full-time job at Home Depot seven years ago, when a medical […]

Conflicts in Syria

Syria dissolved into civil war nearly five years ago. Since the war began, the United Nations estimates 250,000 people have died while 11 million have been displaced. Although many of the warring parties agreed to […]

CC Launches Communications Plan

As many may notice, there are new banners on the light posts of Nevada Street. The banners portray Colorado College’s new logo, but this is only one component of the multi-faceted Master Communications Plan. A […]

Campus Dorms Adopt New Substance Use Policy

On Jan. 20, residents of the Mathias dorm received an email outlining an increase in punishment for marijuana related write-ups. While first semester incidents had been met with a range of repercussions, all second-semester disciplinary […]