Sorry for a lot of things, really

Little known to me this week, I stepped into what is apparently a tradition on our campus. Let me set the scene. Outside of Worner, just as you cross the sidewalk, stands a group of […]

Stonewall: Fight or flight?

This week, campus was a battleground with enough ideological blood spilled to have christened our grounds and once again affirmed our liberal arts roots; or rather, this week had the potential to do just that. […]

Don’t shoot the messenger

This is an article to rattle cages, and I’m sure it will serve to make me unpopular, but perhaps to burst our liberal bubble is worth the risk. In this moment, you can choose to […]

Why the FCC won’t let me be

If you can’t tell from the title, I just so happen to be an unapologetic Eminem fan. Recently, stating public support for Marshall Mathers has gotten less popular, and he no longer seems to have […]

Lack of vision or visibility problem?

At Colorado College we pride ourselves for being liberal in mind and questioning in action. These words however, belong to the mouth of the admissions office. Everybody knows that our sidewalks cater to white feet […]