New Title IX: Colorado College Won’t Go Back

Title IX is a policy that protects students from gender based discrimination that interferes with their academic experience. It originally was implemented in 1972, starting with athletics. The goal was to eliminate disparities between men […]

MSR: A Sci-Fi Adventure 4 Millennial Souls

Last weekend, Taylor Theatre featured the Colorado College original play, “MSR: A Sci-Fi Adventure 4 Millennial Souls”. Hundreds of students and even some faculty members attended the show over its three nights, and chairs were […]

Sam Dahnert: Creating Light from the Shadows

Though he seems to spend his whole life in the theater—either working three separate shows in one weekend or a five-hour shift every day after class—Sam Dahnert is a modern-day Prometheus to Colorado College performers. […]

SethWilson Gray: The Poetry Prince

Although he has developed a profound presence on campus, between working at the library and Sacred Grounds, hosting writing workshops, and participating in a poetry troupe, few people know much about the past and inner […]