In Defense of Kurdish Independence

On Sept. 25, ethnic Kurds in the semi-autonomous region of northern Iraq streamed to the polls to voice their overwhelming support for independence and the formation of a Kurdish state. Upwards of 92 percent of […]

Show Me Your Budget

American financial priorities talk the talk, but might not walk the walk By MAX KRONSTADT For 15 years, about as long as I’ve been a fan, the Washington Capitals have hosted a ‘Salute to the […]

A Ruthless, Useless Educational Hegemony

The last fifteen years or so of education policy in the U.S. have been a whirlwind of standardized tests. Between No Child Left Behind, Common Core, and the Every Student Succeeds Act, it’s hard to […]

Consumerism Intersecting with Activism

It’s my last full week of my first year at Colorado College, and I think I’m beginning to understand elements of the school’s culture—positive and negative. We’re weird to a fault, care a lot about […]

The Perilous Race to the Top of College Rankings

Every September, college presidents, administrators, and trustees await the release of next year’s list of “Best Colleges” from U.S. News and World Report with bated breath.  Climbing in the rankings means more prestige and acclaim, […]

The Unevenness of School Funding

In some public schools in America, every student has access to a personal computer. In others, leaking ceilings go unfixed for weeks. In the U.S., public school funding is vastly inequitable, perpetuating cycles of poverty […]