Colorado Springs isn’t for Us

While I was walking into town this past Sunday, a young man, around 30 years old, stopped me and asked if he could talk to me for a minute. I noticed the monitor around his […]

The Tricky Definition of Third World

The problematic nature of “third world,” and how we might go about correcting it. The “third world” has long been a mystery to those discussing it. The term originated in the Cold War, used to […]

The Complex Task of Unpacking Oppression

Two weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the coexistence of oppression and privilege at the Planned Parenthood rally in Denver. It contained an implicit assumption about what it means to be oppressed—defining oppression in […]

Football Meets Feminism: Let the Girls Play

On Sunday, the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI with a record-setting comeback. They overcame a 25-point Falcons lead and Tom Brady threw for 466 yards to earn his fifth Super Bowl victory. Over […]

The Relativistic Democracy of Executive Orders

Forget the first 100 days—there’s plenty to litigate in the first 10. Since his inauguration on Jan. 20, President Trump has issued four executive orders and seven presidential memorandums. These executive orders include everything from […]

Boycott or Bust?

To be a consumer in today’s world is to navigate endless contradictions. Vote with your dollar, yes, but voting with your dollar is not so simple when dollars are limited and principle often doesn’t match […]

Thanksgiving is Far Too Close to Christmas

It’s that time of year again: last Thursday, Seth Meyers went on a three minute and twenty-three second, closed-captioned “Thanksgiving-is-too-close-to-Christmas” rant. In the monologue, he claimed that “having two turkey-eating holidays within a month of […]