Food Equity: It’s What’s For Lunch

Ten years ago, Colorado College’s meal service was in a state of disaster. Appalled by the horrendous quality of their dining options, students, staff, and faculty rallied to end Sodexo’s contract and called for a […]

The Purpose of Protests

For the past several months, protestors have been gathering at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota to oppose the construction of a segment of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This segment would threaten the […]

The Loss of Technical Skills in America

We all have that friend—the one who speaks four languages but can’t operate a coffee maker to save his life, or ours. Yet to some extent, we’re all that friend; we tap out 20-page papers […]

The True Purpose of Prisons

Several weeks ago, I attended a talk sponsored by the Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance, where former inmate Shaka Senghor shared his life story and called for radical change to the American prison system. […]

Awkwardness or Arrogance?

A couple weeks ago, I stood in the checkout line at the Preserve, purchasing a bottle of kombucha and listening to a very fed-up employee vent about her earlier experience at the pizza counter. Apparently, […]

North Carolina’s Faulty Logic on ID Law

In the summer of 2013, the North Carolina legislature passed a bill containing a strict voter identification law along with a number of other provisions that made it far more difficult for many citizens to […]

If Trump Wins, Don’t Move to Canada

It’s tempting to say you’ll move out of the country if Donald Trump wins the election. I know I’ve said it more than once myself, and quite vehemently, too. Cape Breton Island in Canada has […]