Regarding Fear, Cruz Trumps

The fact that Donald Trump has largely dominated the national media coverage of the GOP primaries isn’t all too surprising. The man is big, brash, and bigoted, calling first for Mexicans and then for Muslims […]

In defense of Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy

Vermont senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has been getting flak for failing to make a strong foreign policy statement following the recent attacks in Paris, which journalists and fellow candidates alike agree seemed to […]

Should they stay or should they go?

The past few weeks have been a nightmare for the Greek economy, which is a bold statement given the near-permanent state of crisis the country’s economy has been in for over a decade now. Greece’s […]

Citizenfour: How Snowden will save America

This past Sunday, history was made at the Oscars, as a film celebrating a man commonly portrayed as a traitor to his country won the award for Best Documentary Feature. The film, “Citizenfour,” is composed […]

The new Indo-American relations

This past Sunday, U.S. President Barack Obama reached a “breakthrough” accord with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his second visit to New Delhi. Relations between the two countries have been tense in recent years […]

What ever happened to ‘never again’?

Paris, France — Three masked assailants break into a Jewish home, rob everything of value, and rape a 19-year-old girl. They explicitly tell the victims that the attack comes “because you are Jewish.” The same […]