Google Future

Google can now predict your future. Or, at least, Beta Google can. A new organization claiming to be Google has been popping up on people’s browsers lately, with the added perk of telling the fortune […]

Starbucks is quitting Christmas?

Christmas is coming. So are Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Yalda, Yule, and more. However, the holiday-themed coffee cups that Christmas junkies await every year from Starbucks are lacking apparent flair, and Christian caffeine addicts are […]

Meat: Innocuous or insidious?

The media has been buzzing with news that the World Health Organization just classified red meat, especially the processed kind, as a carcinogen. One theory as to why this is the case points to the […]

Better make room

Better Make Room is Michelle Obama’s final mark on an illustrious reign as First Lady.  In keeping with the rest of her time in the White House, “Better Make Room” is a campaign that targets […]

Naked no longer: Playboy drops nude photos

A few weeks ago, Playboy magazine decided to drop nude photographs. No more naked women will be hidden between those glossy pages that have long been familiar with the dark spaces beneath the beds of […]

Running on fumes

Right now, Volkswagen is stumbling beneath the weight of a scandal that is causing every Prius and Tesla driver to question how many sustainability brownie points they really deserve as consumers of corporations pegged as […]

Finding ways to balance wellness on the Block Plan

Mental health professionals and parents alike are asking with more urgency than ever what has gone wrong with millennials’ ability to handle stress. According to the 2013 National College Health Assessment (which covers 125,000 students […]

A vegan’s guide to Colorado Springs

Looking for some tasty vegan eats near campus? It may seem like the downtown restaurant scene is monopolized by green chili-smothered meat and cheese, but in reality there are some great options for plant-based eaters. […]