It’s Really Not the Block Plan

While I continuously express otherwise, my optimistic dad keeps telling me that I’m leaving college with general skills like how to write and how to communicate, even if he isn’t exactly sure what my degree […]

Conversations on Privilege > “Frankenstein”

Last week in First-Year Experience mentor training, we learned that the first-year common read would be “Frankenstein,” the 1818 English novel by Mary Shelley. I am the Comparative Literature department mentor; if there were to […]

When 40 Fewer Points can Cost $30,000

The unconvincing switch to semester registration Recently, the Office of the Registrar emailed the Colorado College student body and faculty announcing that not only will preregistration be extended to five weeks, but that students will […]

How “Broke” Are You Really?

How our campus equates financial modesty to poverty You’ll hear it in regard to almost all facets of campus life, from discussions of meal plan money, comments made in Weber Liquor, at the Arc, or […]

Classy Wednesday With a Side of Tots

The need for after-hours campus dining What’s better: the actual event, or Midnight Breakfast? Great question, actually. A staple to Halloween, Homecoming, Winter Ball, Llamapolooza, and others, Midnight Breakfast is essentially the school weighing you […]

Or Don’t Kill Two Birds with One Stone?

A missed opportunity to improve the Preserve’s efficiency As the second week of the Preserve’s resurrection comes to a close, it’s pretty clear that despite a semester’s worth of renovations, nothing seems to have changed […]

The Fault in the East Campus Crosswalk

Why we cannot expect Colorado Springs to adapt In the most recent issue of The Catalyst, news writer Zack Glosser quotes Campus Safety Director Maggie Santos as stating, “Although we have not been told that […]