The Marathon Learning Curve

I ran my first marathon ever this past March.  Finishing this marathon was arguably one of my greatest accomplishments; the sense of pride and accomplishment I felt crossing the finish line was enormous. Now, I […]

Turn and Face the Strange

In Colorado, the weather is always changing.  Just this week, it was snowy one day, 60 degrees and sunny the next.  While this change is often a welcome respite from the dreariness of winter or […]

Cut the Cookie-Cutter Conversations

There are certain conversation topics that tactful people generally avoid — politics at Thanksgiving dinner, your glitzy new job in front of your unemployed friend, the obvious weight your sibling gained at college. It’s a […]

The Grinch: A Review

The Grinch is back and snarky as ever in the latest animated remake of the beloved Christmas tale. With the green grump voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch and the story narrated by Pharrell Williams, the newest […]

Why Women’s Wednesday?

“It’s Women’s Wednesday — climbing for female-identifying people only.” “But there’s only two people in the gym: can’t I climb?” “No.” “What if I just use the training room?” “No, that’s part of the gym.” […]