Outdoor Running Culture: Exploring New Paths

I consider myself a runner, but I haven’t always viewed myself this way. Prior to coming to Colorado College, I ran occasionally but unhappily; I’d push myself too hard through three miles, feel horrible afterwards, […]

CC Outdoor Education and the Co-Chair Drought

The Colorado College Outdoor Education program prides itself not only on encouraging student participation in outdoor endeavors, but also on training students for leadership roles in various wilderness settings. The numbers are incredible; in this […]

Fitbits Encourage Obsessive Fitness Tracking

In the past year or so, fitness trackers have been on the rise as a popular fitness trend. Marketed by companies such as Fitbit, Jawbone, and Garmin, these trackers are small electronic devices worn around […]

William’s Peak: Backcountry Playground

When asked how I feel about glades, I often respond with, “They’re okay, but they have trees. Very hard trees. Very hard trees that will hurt me if I crash into them.” Even though I’ve […]