CC EMS Shoots for Long-Term Sustainability

You may have seen them meandering around Blues n’ Shoes as you were thrown off the mechanical bull, or standing on the sidelines during club sports games; maybe you have even run from them at […]

Professor Becca Barnes, Fighting Sexual Harassment in STEM

While there are many reasons for the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields—including inadequate maternity leave and an “old boys club” culture—there are also high incidences of sexual assault, especially in field settings. Professor Rebecca […]

Stop Petitioning and BYOB

“It would seem like an anomaly to see a student carrying around a disposable plastic water bottle,” senior Zoë Holland proclaimed. “And yet, students carry around the Colorado Coffee disposable cups all the time, without […]

Backcountry Cooking for Dummies

Every fourth Wednesday you’re bound to find frenzied Colorado College students in every aisle of King Soopers, loading up on cheap wares before heading off on various adventures. Over-caffeinated and reeling from my morning final, […]

The Death of the Ski Bum and Intentional Tourism

“The ski bum is extinct,” Director of Sustainability Ian Johnson declared. This sentiment was echoed by many ski resort workers featured in my Catalyst article from two weeks ago entitled, “Resort Reality: Ski Employees Face […]