Under-Representation in CC’s Music Scene

“I’d rather just be seen as a musician rather than a girl musician,” said sophomore Lena Farr-Morrissey, bassist of the upcoming Llamapalooza performers, Despairagus. Morrissey’s words speak to the systemic issue of disproportionate gender representation […]

Galen Green ’05 Talks Life as a Musician

From the eccentric flair of Llamapalooza to students picking guitars on porches, Colorado College is, without a doubt, a campus inclined towards music. Events like the upcoming Battle of the Bands demonstrate the talent of […]

Llamapalooza Lineup Announcement Looms

It’s approaching that time of year again—Llama season. For many Colorado College students, this is the highlight of the spring and perhaps even the year. “Good people, good music, good tomatoes; one of the best […]

Hundreds March With Muslim and Immigrant Neighbors

Last Saturday, Feb. 4, the Colorado Springs community mobilized to declare solidarity with Muslim and immigrant neighbors and to oppose President Trump’s proposed border wall. The peaceful march, entitled “Stand with Our Muslim and Immigrant […]