Sleep Helps Your Mind Recharge

By Sydney Janssen Sleep is important, but we often do not realize its many benefits. Without adequate sleep, our mind and body don’t work optimally, but, sleep is important for the brain for countless other […]

The Great Ski Debate

By Claire Barber Last block, I spent time tabling for FUCC, more politely known as the Freeriders Union at Colorado College. As I sat in the middle of Worner Center collecting email addresses, I became […]

Get Outside this Block!

 By Kyle Zinkula Colorado College students are lucky to have access to the wonderful Outdoor Education program at CC. However, sometimes the Colorado College Outdoor Education (CCOE) community can prove challenging to navigate due to the plethora of opportunities, […]

Block Break 1: FOOT Trips

 By Anabelle Harden Coming to Colorado College as a first-year is not easy. Often, it’s hard to know where to even start with making friends. Thankfully, students have a little help: Priddy Trips. Their ORC experiences don’t have to end […]

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes!

 By Isobel Steenrod Sam Bower ’21 was promoted to manager of the Bike and Ski Co-op at Colorado College at the start of this year. As manager, Bower trains new employees, fixes flats, and tunes skis. A typical day […]

Exercise to Remember

 By Carlton Moeller In more information-dense classes on the Block Plan, studying can sometimes seem like a constant. In my own experience, in some of my more challenging blocks, studying has felt overwhelming and never-ending. There never seems to […]