Workout of the Week

By COURTNEY KNERR Welcome to Workout of the Week (WOW for short), a new weekly feature of Active Life. The purpose of this section is to provide a resource for people to step outside their […]

Seven Ways to Stay Active on the Block Plan

By COURTNEY KNERR One of the reasons I chose to attend Colorado College was the healthy lifestyle it promotes. The gorgeous mountains visible from everywhere on campus are practically calling you outside, encouraging you to […]

Forest Fires: A Hot Topic in the U.S.

Here in Colorado, perhaps you’ve noticed the hazy quality of the air, the strange orange color of the sun, or the rare inability to see Pikes Peak. This isn’t a symptom of a hot summer, […]

Take the Stairs: Exercise for Busy People

By Jerrell Cockerham It can be disheartening to witness people commit sizeable portions of their time to workouts and yield visible results. If only I had the time, you think to yourself, as you head […]