The Weekly Rundown

ON CAMPUS • Colorado College will not view disciplinary action against high school students who participate in peaceful protest in a negative light. It is one of several schools to do so following mass student […]

Listen: The Loop, Week One – Audio News Summary

By MADS ENGEL Welcome to the first edition of The Loop, the Catalyst Radio’s weekly campus news summary. Click play below to access The Loop, Week One via Soundcloud. Run time: 1min 59sec  Broadcasted: Sept. 29, 2017 […]

FULL AUDIO: Purple State Purple Haze

By Andy Post The one and only performance of Purple State Purple Haze occurred Saturday, November 5th, three days before the fateful election. Here is a full-length recording of the performance. While its original intent—writing […]

Byron Aspaas Exit Interview

“It’s time for me to start educating people so they know that not all people behind a counter are uneducated.” –Byron Aspaas   For those who don’t know, and to those who miss him already, this […]