Journalism Ain’t Dead

On April 25, over 100 student-run publications across the country came together to show the importance of remaining viable and independent from their universities. As advertisement revenues have plummeted over the years, more and more […]

The Challenges of Working on the Block Plan

While the Block Plan offers incredible opportunities for experimental learning and immersion, there are also unintended, non-academic consequences, such as the difficulty of work. Given Colorado College’s unique academic calendar, students and employees alike can […]

SAIL’s Third Successful Year

Sophomore slump? The Butler Center’s SAIL Mentoring Program promises a revitalizing sophomore year of college. The Sophomore Advanced Initiative for Leadership (SAIL) Mentoring Program began in 2015. SAIL was born out of a universal desire […]

Letter From the Editors

In response to last week’s “Emotionally Charged Dance Workshop Questions Inclusion” Last week, The Catalyst published an article titled “Emotionally Charged Dance Workshop Questions Inclusion.” Though writing about Dance Workshop is nothing unusual for the […]

Incarcerated Writers Series: Revolving Door

By CHRIS THE CONSCIENCE I’ve come to notice that the revolving door which leads back to jail is pretty serious. There are plenty of factors in the world outside of these walls that can contribute […]