We Can Do Better

By Theodore Weiss and Sam Pfeifer We’re here to acknowledge a misstep. Last week, we published an article that called out Mr. Jack Wold, who currently sits on the Board of Trustees. Mr. Wold is […]

Rethinking the CC Farm

By Abby Williams The Colorado College student farm is a 1.5-acre plot of land tucked behind the Stewart House, sandwiched between Wood Avenue and the Tiger Trail. Full disclaimer: I love this space. It’s home […]

Can We Trust Our Trustee?

By THEODORE WEISS How many Colorado College trustees can you name? I bet you can’t name five. That’s a shame.  As Colorado College implements its 2019 antiracism and carbon neutrality policy, one ought to consider […]

Get Away From Me

By CAROLINE WILLIAMS Is there a kinder way to say this? Or, perhaps, a kinder way to act upon this? Colorado College has a relatively small campus, with many students in fairly concentrated locations. While […]

My First-Year Survival Guide

By Ally Bourelly The first year of college is no doubt one of the craziest, most transformative years of your life. From making life-long friends to discovering what truly interests you, your first year at […]