What Unites Us?

American values. We hear them talked about a lot. Politicians like to say that their legislative priorities uphold American values while their opponent’s legislative priorities are diametrically opposed to them.  But how often do we […]

Kris Jenner, Our Lord and Savior

As my group chat discussed the latest Kardashian scandal, Cate Johnson ’20 asked the simple question: “Is Kris Jenner … God?” A minor statement, sure, but it left me reexamining everything I thought I knew […]

The Single-Payer Illusion

By HENRY RIGSBEE Support for introducing a single-payer health insurance system, once a fringe position, is now a litmus test for Democratic presidential candidates. Advocates for single-payer, such as 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, […]

Turn and Face the Strange

In Colorado, the weather is always changing.  Just this week, it was snowy one day, 60 degrees and sunny the next.  While this change is often a welcome respite from the dreariness of winter or […]