The Unevenness of School Funding

In some public schools in America, every student has access to a personal computer. In others, leaking ceilings go unfixed for weeks. In the U.S., public school funding is vastly inequitable, perpetuating cycles of poverty […]

Colorado Springs isn’t for Us

While I was walking into town this past Sunday, a young man, around 30 years old, stopped me and asked if he could talk to me for a minute. I noticed the monitor around his […]

Crocs and Shorts or Suit and Tie?

As an organismal biology and ecology major, after college, I intend to pursue a career in science, and perhaps even a doctorate. By all rights, I should be spending my summer doing research, interning, taking […]

Decategorizing the Human Experience

Human beings possess a tendency to break everything into an “either or” scenario—a cat or dog lover, a science or English person. And the list goes on: coffee or tea, Republican or Democrat, deviant or […]

Don’t Be Neutral on Net-Neutrality

Two years after the Federal Communications Commission took comprehensive and far-reaching steps towards making net-neutrality the law of the land, the internet in the United States is once again at a crossroads. New fiber-optic and […]

Crises Beget Consciousness

By Wayan Buschman I am ashamed to say that I have never been the type to pick up a newspaper in my free time. I mastered the ability to feign a knowing shake of my head […]

The Tricky Definition of Third World

The problematic nature of “third world,” and how we might go about correcting it. The “third world” has long been a mystery to those discussing it. The term originated in the Cold War, used to […]

The Complex Task of Unpacking Oppression

Two weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the coexistence of oppression and privilege at the Planned Parenthood rally in Denver. It contained an implicit assumption about what it means to be oppressed—defining oppression in […]