The Power of Plants

Is a friend’s birthday coming up? Would you like to send a family member a cute gift? Are you lonely? Are you bored? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider […]

Breathe Easy

Republicans still control the White House and will until at least 2020. There’s a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, and who knows how long that will last. Decades, at least, and for the next […]

Devil’s Food: Baked in Deceit

By BERRY PHILLIPS Red velvet cake is a lie. Honestly, the only fitting name for it is devil’s food cake, by which it is commonly called, as it is a product of satanic deception. The […]

Chapstick? More Like Crapstick

By BERRY PHILLIPS As the weather changes from warm to cold in Colorado Springs, a seasonal nuisance especially prominent in the West has begun to arise among my friends and acquaintances: chapped lips. As first-years, […]

One Million Votes, One Voice

About two years ago, I was out to breakfast with my grandparents and my brother when the conversation turned political. At the time, I didn’t know much about politics, and I knew even less about […]

Trumped-Up Trickle Down Hate Crimes

Last week, major politicians and liberal Democratic figures, all of them open critics of President Donald Trump or strong supporters of the Democratic Party, were mailed pipe bombs. A synagogue in Pittsburgh was viciously attacked […]

I Am Jewish and I Am Afraid

The deadliest attack against the Jewish community on American soil occurred on Oct. 27. Perhaps it seems like there is a pattern here as we woke up to yet another senseless mass shooting that has […]

My Religion Is Not My Faith

When I was last in Israel, I was asked by a tour guide if I am Jewish. When she heard me respond, “Yes, I am” in my American accent, she said, “Ah, but you are […]