The Pros and Cons of a New You

What I heard time and time again as I headed into my first year of college was that it would be a chance for me to reinvent myself—to become who I want to become. Of […]

Consumerism Intersecting with Activism

It’s my last full week of my first year at Colorado College, and I think I’m beginning to understand elements of the school’s culture—positive and negative. We’re weird to a fault, care a lot about […]

Race, Politics, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

The complex and often problematic identities associated with modern music Classic rock is “the music that defined a generation”—and that rock and roll came to be defined as white is little contested. Within the music […]

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the labeling of first-year Mekael Daniel as junior Rachel Hyppolite in Vol. 47, No. 9 of the Catalyst, which was released Nov. 11, 2016, and subsequent “apologies” in March. Written by Brittany J. Camacho, […]

The Perilous Race to the Top of College Rankings

Every September, college presidents, administrators, and trustees await the release of next year’s list of “Best Colleges” from U.S. News and World Report with bated breath.  Climbing in the rankings means more prestige and acclaim, […]

Connecting the College to its Carbon

Written by Kelsey Maxwell Transitioning to renewable energy (RE) is one of the most significant ways Colorado College can reduce its carbon footprint. CC currently uses 15,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity annually­ — a 3000 MWh […]

Eighth Block Shouldn’t be Easy

As I walk through Armstrong Hall, the Registrar’s Office is flooded with students attempting to figure out their class for Block 8. Perhaps, the overflowing office is a result of multiple waitlisted students not getting […]

Why We All Need to Visit the South

He stands at the southern edge of the square in downtown Oxford, Miss. Below the stone figure of the soldier, these words are engraved: “In memory of the patriotism of the Confederate soldiers of Lafayette […]