Stepping Through the Mire of MBS

A year ago, I was two things: the opinion editor for this newspaper, and not paying attention to Saudi Arabian affairs. The knowledge I had was from an article published in this section about a […]

Public Lands or Stolen Lands?

By BERRY PHILLIPS “The President Stole Your Land” was written in bold letters on the main page of Patagonia’s website during December 2017 when President Donald Trump reduced the size of Bears Ears and Grand […]

What We Owe to The Good Place

Look, “The Office” is a great show. Jim and Pam are arguably the best TV couple of all time. But for the life of me I cannot grasp what joy can be drawn from endless […]

Voting Is Your Duty – Do It!

We’re a few weeks out from Election Day. For lots of folks, this might be a day that’s been circled on their calendar for the last two years. For others, it might be a chance […]

Romance on the Block Plan

With the rise of technology, people have complained that interpersonal relationships and social skills have become increasingly lost in translation —  you can’t read tone in ones and zeroes. So a group of people got […]

Mindfulness Beyond Meditation

When the word “mindfulness” is dropped, people sometimes picture a hypothetical human lightly pressing their middle finger and thumb against each other as beaming lights surround them. This person’s eyes are closed, and their legs […]