10 Questions with Annabelle O’Neil

Annabelle O’Neil is a sophomore at CC, member of the Sustainability Council, and a resident of Old Synergy. O’Neil passionately pursues geology and is a wonderfully colorful human, inside and out.  Becca Stine: What was […]

10 Questions with Idris Goodwin

A well-accomplished playwright, rapper, essayist, and CC professor shares insight into his life, inspirations, and creative processes.  The Catalyst: What was your favorite birthday party? Idris Goodwin: When I turned 30, I went and saw […]

10 Questions with David Crye

Only a year and a half into his job as Assistant Director of Outdoor Education, David Crye has affected the college experiences of a large majority of CC’s population. This week, The Catalyst sat down […]

10 Questions with Kate Holbrook

Kate Holbrook sees the light in every person. A member of the Colorado College spiritual community for 11 years, Kate has influenced and guided members from every facet of the school through her time as […]

10 Questions with Tammy Terwelp

With over twenty years of experience in public radio and television, KRCC’s general manager Tammy Terwelp has run the station for about a year now and is not planning on going anywhere. Originally hailing from […]

Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler

Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler is a force to be reckoned with. In 2011, Tiefenthaler took over as President and has led a campaign to make CC a nationally competitive liberal arts college. Over the past year […]

Sam Dahnert: Creating Light from the Shadows

Though he seems to spend his whole life in the theater—either working three separate shows in one weekend or a five-hour shift every day after class—Sam Dahnert is a modern-day Prometheus to Colorado College performers. […]

Vince Bzdek, Editor-in-Chief of The Gazette

For Vince Bzdek journalism is a way to bring people together. In a time of increasing media polarization, Bzdek, who took over as Editor-in-Chief of the Colorado Springs Gazette in August, cites creating unbiased journalism […]

English Professor Natanya Pulley

Natanya Pulley is different from the average english professor at an American university or college. Pulley is one of a growing number of Native American professors in America and is the newest tenure-track professor in […]